Thursday, June 24, 2010

FORBIDDEN - Elizabeth's new book

Elizabeth Wallace has arrived in England. This Denver-based author, broadcaster and lecturer has several web pages and blogs. She writes on many topics but particularly enjoys travel, history, word and phrase origins, curious customs, superstitions, and folklore.

Elizabeth has published five books on travel and history. All have been very successful and have gone into further publications. Her newly released sixth book entitled "Forbidden" is her first novel and she is current marketing and signing her new book. She is very active in her Colorado community giving presentations, workshops and book signing events. As founder member of the Castle Rock Writers, she continues to give support and encouragement to the group, as well as attending critique groups and workshops. She has appeared several times on television to promote and market her books. Her great friend, the illustrator Audrey Ledgerwood has created a fascinating front cover for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's story is set in Essex, England and Scotland during the mid 1660s. It is fast paced, dark and edgy, and is based partly on an ancient Scottish legend on which the BBC recently made a documentary. They tried to find the subterranean cave that is a key part of the story. Black Rose Writing (