Monday, March 09, 2020


Despite such despondent news regarding the coronavirus problems, our currently-running Book Festival is still providing many happy events across our county of Essex.  Saturday's Essex Authors Day was such a huge success, taking place at Chelmsford Library, with aspiring writers and well-published authors attending.  I met many Book Festival going pals from the past, but also lots of new faces who put on great displays of their work and impressed me at the Writers' Slam. Well, they only had three minutes to do so, but boy, they were good. I took just a few pics  and there were so many more, but time was of the essence.  Fingers crossed that we may continue with our special month of reading and writing and meeting our our enthusiastic readers and writers.

Lizzie Chantree
I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar provided by Lizzie Chantree who gave us all so much information during the afternoon, helping her audience become more cyber-savvy and provided masses of bang-up-to-date info on social media platforms. Lizzie is a business mentor, former Female Inventor of the Year and has appeared on television and radio programmes. Hope to see much more of her on the writing circuit. 

Andrew F Wiltshire
Another super author present on Saturday was Andrew P Wiltshire whose book Beatrix Potter's Secret Code Breaker is a study of this favourite children's author, especially linked as it was to the writer's  'diary life'.  How I wish I had more time to read this book, but currently impossible due to my own writing projects.  Still, hopefully, I can always make contact with Andrew, who is obviously a wonderful story-teller.
Anita Marie Sackett

Anita Marie Sackett (Howard), published poet and lately the author of her new book That's How It Used To Be was also present on Saturday's grand Chelmsford event. As always, this member of Brentwood Writers' Circle and the Society of Women Writers was a lovely familiar face among the crowd present and gave her audience much valuable help and advice for researching, writing, illustrating and self-publishing her rather special book, which is selling so very well at present. 

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