Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Strange times - with all our libraries closed in Essex, many of our reading groups are looking for books they may have put on their back burners to read maybe on holiday. But now, surely this is the time to start and my latest book interest is concentrated on my SWWJ colleague Beryl P Brown who has published her first novel  May's Boys.

Beryl has lots of  good reviews, particularly this recent one from Barbara Dynes “If you’re looking for a riveting read, I thoroughly recommend May’s Boys. Right from the start I was completely involved with this story, soaking up the authentic feel of the countryside in the Second World War… the senses are beautifully evoked, the dialogue crackles on the page and the tension builds up gradually, along with countless surprises.” 

When interviewed, Beryl said: ‘I remember my late mother telling us stories of her evacuation to the West Country where the Essex children were considered to be from London and were made very unwelcome. I felt it appropriate to launch the book at the family nursery in Witham where I grew up. Oliver’s was established over 60 years by my parents and is now run by my brother.   Mays Boys was launched on 29th February 2020. It is published by Three Bees Publishing.  Paperback: ISBN 978-1-9163375-1-0  available from Amazon & selected booksellers Kindle e-book: ISBN 978-1-9163375-0-3 available from Amazon  e-book: ISBN 978-1-9163375-2-7 from other e-book suppliers.

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