Saturday, February 02, 2019


Could it really be fourteen years since Sheila Norton paid a visit to our Writers' Circle in Brentwood, Essex?  This award-winning author has certainly been busy in the intervening years and I can honestly say, she hasn't changed a bit since 2004.  Sheila gave her audience this afternoon a fascinating talk about her start as a rookie writer and the value of entering (and winning) a couple of competitions which certainly helped her journey into this strange world of writing that so many of my colleagues enjoy. Her first eight books have been so successful and her later change in direction even more so. Next week her nineteenth book The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay will be published by Ebury Press, so we we all have a chance to see what Sheila has in store for us.

We are a family who love cats and Sheila's latest theme using these feline characters to tell their tales, is certainly going to be a winner. Her books have been translated into many different languages and her success goes from strength to strength. Well, why not see for yourself and log into her website and browse through some of her latest titles? She offers readers  her quarterly newsletter and we can even hear some of her stories via audio books including 'The Vets at Hope Green' and 'The Pets at Primrose Cottage'. libraries.

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