Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Lorraine Pascale at a media gardening exhibition in London
Cookery, preserving food and fermenting fruit for my own style wines, have been a lifelong passion and I've been lucky in seeing the results of my experiments and recipes published in numerous consumer magazines over the last few years.  I've also had connections with some of the most famous cooks and chefs and, as you will know by now, it is important that I record my visits - both on the page and of course I always take my camera. At earlier media events, I've met Raymond Blanc, Jamie Oliver, Madhur Jeffery, one half of the 'hairy biker' cook duo, David Myers, Mary Berry, Nigella Lawson, Ken Hom, Ainsley Harriott, Gary Rhodes, Jane Asher, Lorraine Pascale, Jilly Goolden, among others and watched them do their stuff at the Chelsea Flower Shows in London over 15 years and at food & wine exhibitions. 

Johnnie and Fanny Cradock during the sixties

But years earlier, I enjoyed a connection with Philip Harben (knew his cousin Mary) and good old Fanny Cradock who often gave me a phone-call talking recipes (often when I mistakingly left out an ingredient!

Managed to snap Mary Berry and her daughter at Chelsea

Currently, I am experimenting with 'no oven baking' of sponges, cakes, scones, even bread (for a caravan journal) - yes, it can be achieved and I am working my way through dozens of recipes.  Russian food is fascinating and I am selecting some of their most famous dishes. So... watch this space!!!

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