Friday, June 08, 2018


In my quest for interesting information for various journals about creative personalities, particularly in the business of growing food, it was a pleasure to visit the Brentwood allotments alongside King George's Playing Fields.  I was interested in the extra-steep raised veggie beds planted up by Joy Dunn and even more impressed by her work, alongside some lovely volunteers who keep the unique Sensory Garden so beautifully ordered, weeded and regularly maintained - not an easy job!  

I discovered some unusual shrubs there with fabulous textured perfumed flowers, trees with the most attractive bark, delicate grasses that wave in the breeze, even the sound of the special variety of bamboo rustling through the leaves makes the visit an interesting experience, particularly for people with sight and disablement problems. Easy for access and wheelchairs.  Joy and her team deserve a medal for what they do for the community.  




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