Monday, April 02, 2018


As a freelance writer working across many genres, it is always great to work with like-minded folk. Congratulations to the editors and staff of Home Farmer magazine who are celebrating their tenth birthday this year.  From a self-sufficiency viewpoint, Home Farmer is the very best magazine to read and learn about growing food - whether in maybe tiny veg patches or some of the huge allotments which serve as great green places in which to work and, dare I say, relax, away from noisy, busy London.
The magazine's strapline ' For Dreamers and Realists' - Your Key to  Practical Self-sufficiency - really does what it says on the tin! We learn about preserving your harvest, wonderful ideas for cooking food, bee-keeping, looking after livestock, foraging, crafts among dozens of other satisfying pastimes, including, of course, how to make your own organic wine from the produce you grow and find in hedgerows and fields. That's where I come in, endeavouring each month to write a thousand or so words describing the process of fermenting wine from simple ingredients found in your own garden or veg patch, free of insecticides.  April edition outlines how to make 'quickie' wines from my own grapes - Rondo and Seyval Blanc along with other recipes. Cheers!

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