Friday, July 28, 2017


I love gardening as my Dad and most of my family have since we were small. Dad particularly enjoyed watching Percy Thrower, one of Britain's most famous horticulturalists who appeared regularly on television, and who introduced Gardeners World 1967. I believe this was even before colour TV came to our screens. What a huge pleasure it was for me some years later to meet Mr Thrower at Chelsea Flower Show and ask him to sign one of his books.

Around that time, too, I met Roy Lancaster who was on tonight's anniversary programme BBC 2. As a writer on this topic in years past, I enjoyed attending the Chelsea Flower Show every third week in May, particularly on VIP Monday and meeting so many of the top horticulturists and Britain's favourite presenters. These included Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh and the whole tribe.  Most of them were caught on my camera over the past fifteen years and I can't remember one who refused to give me a grin!  Gardening folk are probably the best and kindest of all the different groups of people I know.

The Chelsea RHS media room, although packed, was full of journos and photographers from all over the world and I enjoyed their friendliness and sometimes being allowed to use some of their more sophisticated images to illustrate my own features.

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