Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Today Women's Hour is often relayed from Salford in Manchester, but in the old days, around the time the programme began in 1946, it came from Broadcasting House, Great Portland Place, London, visited by many of our earlier members of the SWWJ who supplied features, stories and even worked in their studios. The late Jocelyn Hay, one of our Society Council members became well known when she founded Voice of the Listener & Viewer in 1983. Appointed MBE in 1999 and then CBE in 2005 for her work in sound and vision, she received 'Elizabeth R Award for an Exceptional Contribution to Public Service Broadcasting' by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association in the same year. What a woman - and what a lovely friend! We miss her. For more information, go to;uk
Your truly, Jocelyn Hay and Robert Seatter, Head of BBC History on a visit to Broadcasting House during rebuilding

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