Saturday, August 20, 2016


I've always enjoyed writing fiction - in between  newspaper and magazine features and, after receiving an unexpected winning award from Brentwood Writers' Circle for my fiction entry into their 2016 competition recently, I've now written half a dozen more short stories. These, will of course have to be polished and re-written in time, but currently working on a couple of other projects.

However, I have been enjoying reading the work of DAWN KNOX, a Brentwood based published author of several excellent books who recently appeared on Radio Phoenix 98fm's Book Club.  Our super presenter Michelle Ward is brilliant at spotting creative talent and she has invited more than forty authors, poets, film-makers and actors on to her programme, the results  being streamed through the web. 

The latest work of Dawn Knox is entitled THE GREAT WAR and this has been a great help in my own work-in-progress covering the L32 Zeppelin disaster which occurred on 24 September 1916.  Dawn is hard at work now on her other projects see her website  at

Since talking to Dawn, I'm now thinking about those brash green geese she mentioned - we actually owned a very brash white goose called Jacko who was the topic of a short story competition entry which won a nice little prize a year or so ago. We ate him!!!

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