Monday, August 15, 2016


Off to London tonight to take part in a book signing event.  Of my ten books, it is so odd (and delightful) to be asked to sign books that are well past their publishing date. In this case 2002. Some of my other books are becoming ebooks, too. Lovely! Our famous Society of Women Writers & Journalists (  enjoys a convivial link with London's Press Club and it's great to meet their members from time to time.

There seems to be a feeling of nostalgia in this late summer air and many people are looking back to a time when perhaps they were younger - hence the little spike in my book sales. In this particular case, schooldays appear to have been the happiest in some of these students' lives.

My book THE BILLERICAY SCHOOL published by Tempus Images of England is still available from The History Press £12.99  ISBN 9-7524-3083-1
Very soon another book (slim but beautiful) will be available to purchase.  This will commemorate the centenary of the L32 Zeppelin which landed on a mangle field in Great Burstead, Essex on 24 September 1916.  I am visiting the spot this week and images will, of course, be produced in time within the book.  More details at a later date.

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