Sunday, May 08, 2016


Told you it was coming and now we will be able to see our friend Mike Edmonds on the silver screen in Simon Frith's fabulous film UNDER THE RADAR on Monday 30 May


Park Inn Palace Hotel  8.30pm / £5. UK : 60mins : 2016 : Certificate 'U'

 For immediate Release
Under The Radar: The Mike Edmonds Story is a new feature documentary about one of cinema’s true professionals, and Essex’s most unassuming hero.

Featuring director Terry Gilliam (Brazil, Time Bandits, 12 Monkeys), author Mark Billingham (the Tom Thorne novels), Danny John Jules (Red Dwarf’s Cat), Producer Robert Watts (The Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) and Jeremy "Boba Fett" Bulloch himself, the film tells the story of dwarf actor Mike Edmonds, from his childhood in rural Essex to the Star Wars franchise, the Royal Shakespeare Company and beyond. The film will receive its world première in Mike’s hometown, at the closing gala of the Southend Film Festival on 30 May.

"Great to see Mike Edmonds get the recognition he deserves. Wonderful person, GIANT talent!" – Mark Hamill

Since his first big break in Ken Loach’s Black Jack (1979), Mike has stolen scenes in some of cinema’s biggest movies (Return of the Jedi, Time Bandits, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Harry Potter and more). A true "actor’s actor" and a huge hit with fans, he’s met the challenges imposed by achondroplasia (or dwarfism) with his immense talent and a true dedication to the craft.

This warm-hearted documentary follows Mike from his schooldays (and dreams of joining the circus) to a life-changing decision to answer an advert for "midgets" in The Stage newspaper. The career that followed has encompassed Hollywood blockbusters, the RSC, iconic TV series like Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, music videos (he was the jester in the classic Men Without Hats' Safety Dance) and, of course, a lot of panto. Mike’s superb acting skills, athleticism, endurance and sheer good humour have made him a favourite of countless cast members and crew, many of whom appear in the film to help tell his story.

Under The Radar: The Mike Edmonds Story is the brainchild of award-winning filmmaker Simon J Frith (Eva’s Legacy, 2015). He and Mike have been friends and collaborators for over 20 years, giving the project a uniquely personal dimension.

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