Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Latest radio show with author Amanda J Thomas

Sylvia kent Amanda Thomas Feb Book Club
Always a pleasure to have East Anglian writers in the studio.  Each month we invite a  talented writer into Phoenix FM and February's guest was the turn of Amanda J Thomas.from Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
Along with her writing, Amanda is a member of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists, The Historical Novel Society, Brentwood Writers' Circle, The Council for British Archaeology, The Kent Archaeological Society and they are merely a few! As you can see, Amanda is an extremely busy, successful author. She is already researching her next book, details of which she outlined in our interview. Amanda’s latest book, Cholera – The Victorian Plague is out now and can be found in good bookshops and on Amazon. .
Cholera – The Victorian Plague
Discover the story of the disease that devastated the Victorian population, and brought about major changes in sanitation. Drawing on the latest scientific research and a wealth of archival material, Amanda Thomas uses first-hand accounts, blending personal stories with an overview of the history of the disease and its devastating after-effects on British society. This fascinating history of a catastrophic disease uncovers forgotten stories from each of the major cholera outbreaks in 1831-3, 1848-9, 1853-4 and 1866. Amanda Thomas reveals that Victorian theories about the disease were often closer to the truth than we might assume, among them the belief that cholera was spread by miasma, or foul air.
Find out more about Amanda’s work, her blog
www.penandsword.com to buy a copy of the book

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