Sunday, March 27, 2016


Jacqui James at the controls
Carrot cake, easter eggs and a hugely warm welcome this afternoon provided by Jacqui James (Presenter and Chairman of BHR )  in the company of  Alan Newman, Peter Irvin and Steve King.  It was a real party atmosphere to greet the super Aris Papaioannou from Southend.Hospital Radio. A seasoned radio pro, he arrived with his personal 'cans'.  Jacqui had already collected numerous musical  requests from patients and hospital staff and I had a lovely time as Jacqui had used a couple of my books as theme material - very clever stuff, matching musical choices to some of my chapters on superstitions, witchcraft, herbal remedies etc. 

Ari gave us some fascinating stories from his home country of Greece and I came away, as usual, realising I had a lot of reading to do and even more ideas and projects to research.


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