Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Many thanks to readers of my blog and of the local press, particularly this week's Essex Chronicle. With a lifetime's interest in county provenance and our regional press, it was a pleasure researching this enigmatic lady's history.   Now turning her into a short story!

By the way, the Essex Chronicle is one of our most famous newspapers.  Introduced in August 1764 as the Chelmsford Chronicle with a couple of changes in between, it has appeared weekly ever since.  Within its pages we read of vast changes and developments from body snatching to our very own Essex Captain Cook's exploits and final decease to men on the moon and all that technology has brought us. 

I am hoping to  visit the Chronicle's office again soon and - if I am very quiet and keep out of the way (wearing my little white archivist's gloves) , hope to gently turn the pages of their ancient bound volumes and find out more - my idea of heaven! 

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