Sunday, December 27, 2015


I very much enjoyed being invited on to six radio stations for programmes during 2015 and have met some interesting  people who man the various recording studios in Essex. some work around the clock.  My new friends have helped publicising, not only my new book titles and writing jobs, but several of my current voluntary work projects.  So grateful for their help - long may it continue!  Don't ever under-estimate the power of radio: national, regional, community and hospital radio.

Hospital radio is vital in keeping patients' spirits high and, again, I have been humbled by the people keeping these studios going. All of them need volunteers and help, of all kinds, so if folk have time to spare, do make contact with Basildon Hospital Radio; Bedrock Hospital Radio, Havering; Goodmayes Hospital Radio, Broomfield Hospital and there are many others out there who would appreciate just a little of your time.   If you turn to pages 117-119 in this current edition of ESSEX LIFE, you will be able to read more about this vital service to help patients in hospital. Jacqui James is chairman at Basildon Hospital Radio and David James is the brilliant photographer who took this great picture.

Recently, our local museum in Billericay was the meeting place to welcome Ray Clark from BBC Essex in tiny way of contributing to his new programme. Ray's Saturday morning programme on BBC Essex is a favourite of thousands of listeners who will have the chance of learning more about some of our lovely Essex towns and villagers in the coming months.
Ray Clark pictured outside the Cater Museum, Billericay

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