Saturday, December 19, 2015


Simon J Frith -  Red Stable Films at Brentwood's Phoenix 98fm  our guest in the studio's Book Club programme.

Yesterday morning was our regular monthly BOOK CLUB programme on Phoenix 98fm based in Brentwood, presented by our good friend Michelle Ward.  She always provides such a fun-packed session, always a welcoming cup of coffee and relaxed atmosphere.  

Our guest for December was the award-winning film producer/director Simon J Frith, whose career I (and our listeners) found so interesting.   We  enjoyed learning a little about what inspired him to enter the world of film production and the mechanics of how he has achieved his considerable success. Not enough time really in that hour, so we want him back soon..

Simon is currently finishing a film starring Mike Edmonds from Billericay.  Mike, who has been in film, theatre (Royal Shakespeare Company)  and radio for more than 35 years.  Simon and his team from Red Stable Films based in Essex have made an intriguing  film based on Mike's life which is to be entitled 'Under the Radar'. There are some pretty surprising folk in the film world who will be appearing on the credits when this hour-long movie is launched in the spring. We hope Mike Edmonds will come along to meet Michelle in the studio thereafter. 

Mike Edmonds, by the way, has appeared in many films worldwide, including Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Harry Potter, Time Bandits et al and  and is a favourite on the Sci-Fi convention circuits around the world, majoring in the US and Japan. His fan club is universal and through social media, is growing.

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