Wednesday, August 19, 2015


As well as writing non-stop these days, I also try to read new titles, particularly if my friends are the authors.  High on the list of this month's titles supplied to Billericay Readers' club, is MIRANDA ROAD, written by Heather Reyes. I enjoyed the mother/daughter narrative throughout the book and found the story interestingly witty and profound in a moving look at the various aspects of love during the last couple of decades.

Heather has written numerous short stories and articles published in America and Europe with four illustrated books for children.  I loved her Zade published by Saqui Books and attended her book signing in London - a wonderful evening.  She has edited nine anthologies of writing about cities of the world for Oxygen Books' city-pick series, some of which line my bookcase and both she and publisher/author Malcolm Burgess are a source of inspiration to all writers, particularly those in Essex.  The couple have taken part in our monthly radio show BOOK CLUB  (presented by Michelle Ward on Phoenix 98fm) in the past  and I'm hoping they will join me in future programmes. 
I've now read Heather's book twice and obviously found it fascinating. I now know the characters very well and have grown to love this family which lived through an historical period that is so familiar. The books is a real page turner that examines the  rather special  bond between mother and daughter. A really great read. Wondering if she might write a sequel once day?

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