Saturday, August 29, 2015


David Bremner and Claire Morley with Library Manager Graham Herbing
fronting a recent Billericay Archive Display
Our rather special team of local history enthusiasts meet regularly in Billericay Library and hold regular public gatherings.  Next  one is due on Monday 14 September from 10.30-1pm.  As you will see from our website, the archive now has an enviable collection of photographs and people's wonderful memories of this small Essex town. Many visitors to our website are expats who have contributed greatly to our collection of video, images and stories from the past.  Do come along and meet us with your photographs (which we can copy on the spot and return immediately to you) and have a chat. Maybe we can help you discover some new stories about your favourite places around Billericay and surrounding towns.

Why not come along and help our funding on Saturday 31 October 2015 and take part in the Hazel Morley Memorial Quiz Night? Always lots of fun and a chance to meet other members of the team? Details below.

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