Friday, July 24, 2015


Over many centuries, people in all cultures and nations appear to have been interested and often puzzled as to why they dream.  Could there be a purpose and message from their personal dream world with links with their past or everyday life?

Sophia Daniel is an experienced healer and dream analyst whose columns on dreams have been published in Prediction magazine.  She has studied this subject extensively in all its forms over many years which has resulted in her latest book Dream Healing published by Element. There is also an ebook available.

Sophia has many interesting theories which will help readers in understanding what is going on in their subconscious while they sleep.  Her do-it-yourself guide to Dream Healing covers:

  • how to work with your dreams
  • The history of dream healing
  • important dream symbols 
  • how to understand the meanings of your dreams
  • explanations of dreaming and healing
  • how to use dream journals

This is a fascinating book. By paying attention to your dreams – and working with them – you can realise hidden problems and hopefully find solutions.
ISBN 1-86204-459-7 Element Books £8.99


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