Wednesday, April 08, 2015


With such an all-absorbing interest in historical research and writing, I rarely have time to read anything other than those topics, but was pleased to be sent this attached novel by my new friend ADRIENNE VAUGHAN whom I met at the Society of Writers & Journalists' celebratory lunch in London last year. Maybe I was pleased to read the book because its protagonist Marianne Coltrane is a feisty award-winning journalist and not some soppy half-baked simpering heroine looking for love.
I enjoyed Adrienne's cast of colourful characters, within her fast moving, believable storyline set in the newspaper world.
Yes, a good read!  Adrienne is Editor  of '

Adrienne Vaughan (left) and my sister, Eve Gladstone, poet

The Hollow Heart is Adrienne's debut novel and I am now following her  @adrienneauthor.  Expect she has a website, too, and as soon as I tie up current work, will do some shadowing.  Still not primarily a fan of romantic tales, this one was so absorbing, fast moving, couldn't put it down.  

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