Monday, February 23, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Dagenham Library today. What a super, lively audience and I was delighted that they knew the area about which I had been researching over the last few years.  Many lived locally, some had travelled back to the town to have their books signed and I was able to collect more stories for my collection. Many expats have bought my book and have also added their own recollections.

Such a learning curve producing my first ever PowerPoint presentation in double-quick time and, despite last minute hiccups with computer, think I know the drill!

What was on the site before the Library was built? The old  Church Elm pub
I did appreciate the warm welcome and being looked after by the lovely Lena Smith and her staff. Heard on the grapevine that our old pal Martina Cole will be visiting the library in March, so may pay another visit then as part of the audience (if they will have me back)!  
Lena Smith and yours truly Monday 23 Feb

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