Thursday, November 27, 2014


Most writers I know are keen members of the ALCS, the Authors' Licensing Collecting Agency, who really support us in so many ways. So, today, we all met up at Broadcasting House in Portland Place for the AGM. Each delegate was interesting and outlined plans for the coming year. Check them out at It was great to find seats in the BBC's stunning Art Deco Radio Theatre which hosts many of the nation's best known radio shows. Sandie Togsvig was on the agenda for that afternoon, so off we went to enjoy a super lunch, courtesy of ALCS and the BBC. 

It's ages since I was last there - the builders were in at the time when the lovely Jocelyn Hay CBE (Voice of the Listener & Viewer)) showed us around in the company of Head of BBC history, Robert Seatter, but we had to pop on hard safety hats and were shown over the place during construction.  

Yes. that was a few years back and the new building has been finished and looks wonderful.  I believe people can now visit the BBC for a small fee and learn where all the action takes place in various studios and perhaps have an opportunity of meeting some of the people who produce the programmes.  

Sadly, our lovely friend Jocelyn died  earlier this year, and we certainly remember the 

hard work she put into our great Society of Writers & Journalists.  It was interesting that day to meet some of the producers who were working on Woman's Hour.


SK, Jocelyn Hay CBE, Robert Seatter (BBC)

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