Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Just a year or so ago, you saw on this weblog a snap of a local boy, David Gandy, whom I met at Chelsea Flower Show.  He was attending the show with his parents and when we chatted, I found that he came from the same small town in Essex and was educated at Billericay School, about which I wrote a history. That's what I do, folks - write.

Anyway,  since then, I find his face - and other parts of his anatomy - pictured in almost every newspaper, well, he is the world's  top male model and the other day David's image was plastered across a London bus and on a few giant billboards.  The point of this little gem is that my one posting last year brought in thousands of weblog page views for yours truly (in just one day) and I'm waiting to see if it happens once again! That's my experiment for the week. 

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Dee Lightful said...

Hello Sylvia,

Just taking a break at this spot to let you know how much I'm enjoying reading your blogs!

Ah! The divine David Gandy - the one I'd most like to interview!