Monday, September 22, 2014


Zena Rosaire with Salt and Saucy in their heyday
Lovely response from readers of Gazette commenting on my last week's article about the circus coming to the area. This was particularly agreeable as I know the super JOAN ROSAIRE whose CIRCUS ROSAIRE was very much a part of Billericay life many years ago.  Their winter quarters, housing their lions, tigers, horses and all kinds of trained animals lived at various farms around the town.  My friend, Jack Bartlett the local postman, well remembered passing the lion's cage as he delivered the morning mail.  One day, he came face to face with a large (friendly) bear who had somehow unchained himself and seemed to be smiling at Jack who was more than scared of those grinning teeth. 

Joan Rosaire still remembers those days when she was top of the circus posters specialising in intricate horse-riding tricks with her fabulous  horse Goldy, which eventually took her to the London Palladium and all around the world's top theatres.  Pic attached of her mum, Zena.  Have other snaps where elephants took her cousin to St Mary’s in Billericay High Street on her wedding day.
Glad to hear that Joan is now intent on writing her autobiography which obviously includes slices of circus life. I have some good pics of Joan and her family and here is more if you can read it. With thanks to Brentwood & Billericay Gazette. 


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