Friday, July 04, 2014


Still working hard on my tenth book, but this morning received a batch of a newly hatched BILLERICAY VOICES.  Researched and wrote this a dozen years ago and (thankfully) here it is again, with a new cover back and front and a slightly different title VOICES OF BILLERICAY.

This time, you will see front cover and on page 86 a photograph of the parents of our good friend Michael Shelley. The plane is the famous 'Flying flea' and the photo was taken  in the early 1930s. Below this image is a local farmer, Mr Mills of Coxes Farm and a happy band of children from South Green Chapel.

Back cover gives us an idea of how hard  agricultural workers worked in the fields during the last years of the nineteenth century. There were so many farms around Great Burstead - not many now! It was a hard life, but people always seem to remember the good times of childhood. Take a look at the dedicated Billericay Archive file on the web and learn about people's lives in their own words!  ISBN 9780752-424705  £12.99

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