Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Ches and Lucene Moulton welcoming guests at his book signing on Wednesday 4 June
So many new books arriving from publishers these days for review. Rarely do we have the opportunity to meet the authors, so what a lovely change to gather at the signing of Ches Moulton's book CHOICE & CHANGE this evening at Hutton Poplars Hall - wonderful venue.  Ches is a Brentwood-based therapist and coach and very much an inspirational speaker.  He specialises in working with people who suffer from stress and dysfunctional relationships and is extremely successful in what he does.

Musicians Bill Farrow and Richie Milton meet David McDonald, Director at Silver Island TV 
And that is what Ches' book is about. People and the way they think!  As Gill Tiney, the author of Step Up, commented: "You will read this book and recall many memories which unknowingly have shaped your life. This insight will give you back the control you lack and the choices to make it better. Ches tells us that "The greatest journey is that which is taken within us".
Lucene Moulton and friend

I suspect that Ches' new book will run and run.  www.chesmoultoncom price £14.95 ISBN 9-780992 912000
The author and yours truly

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Anonymous said...

A lovely write-up of a lovely evening. Of what I've read of the book so far, Ches has an uncanny knack of seeing and explaining things that we've all felt and experienced in life.

This is my take on the book launch. It's from a very different perspective!