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Many thanks to readers of my latest kindle books. This one was the subject of a recent radio programme. Thanks also to reviewers.


Religion has always played an important  part in Billericay’s history. St Mary Magdalen – the town’s much loved ‘Church in the High Street’ – has provided a peaceful, special place for the townsfolk to worship for more than 600 years. This once small farming community has been a vital spot on the Essex map with immense historical and archaeological provenance. Since the latest refurbishment of St Mary Magdalen’s in 2007, more research into its history has been revealed within the pages of this current digital book.

Sylvia Kent is an author of nine books and has been a freelance columnist for 21 years writing weekly features on numerous topics, but local history is her passion. She is Trustee at a local Museum and is Archivist to the Society of Women Writers & Journalists, producing their history The Woman Writer. This is her first foray into electronic books and she has enjoyed researching and writing this e-book about Billericay, a town with which she has been associated for 30 years.
“I read this booklet with much interest as St Mary Magdalen Church in Billericay High Street was the church I attended. It brought back many memories as I was very much involved with its transition to Emmanuel Church in Laindon Road, Billericay. It is a very concise and readable history of the church journey from past to the present day. I am not a great fan of history books but I found this booklet to be very educational and thought provoking of what can be achieved when a congregation pull together with their faith in God. It is inspirational and shows how people together with God are able to overcome the many obstacles and problems that can be placed before them in life. The writer catches the many emotions and the trust which surrounded people moving them forward to do what was necessary to make this amazing thing happen. I would encourage people to read this kindle booklet about St Mary Magdalen Church to have faith and be inspired to achieve their potential as well.”  Arthur Dodd

 “Sylvia Kent clearly relates the dramatic ebb and flow of St Mary Magdalen Church, the wealth of its beauty, the architectural heritage and the struggle of it its upkeep.

She manages to take us through the various epochs with its many changes, and twists of events. It feels as though one is engaged in a voyage through time.

This booklet is clearly and interestingly written proving to be a concise invitation to the history of Billericay. Mrs. S. C. Hegedus

 “A very wide ranging and detailed history of not only this church but Billericay as well, with the background starting from Bronze age times right up to the present. Loved the old photos!”


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