Thursday, April 03, 2014


Malcolm and Heather
Heather Reyes is a friend of mine and certainly of our Brentwood Writers' Circle members. She is a well known author, based in nearby Hutton in Essex. It's so good to hear of Heather's success in the world of writing.  Her first novel Zade, published by Saqi Books was a tale full of intriguing characters that still linger in my mind ten years later. This book was long-listed for the 2006 Prince Maurice Prize and her novel Miranda Road was published this year (it's on my reading pile), but it is her AN EVERYWHERE BOOK that is currently being read and which I find so beautifully and poignantly written.

Heather has edited nine anthologies highlighting the literary luminaries relating to world cities, for Oxygen Books' city-pick series.  If you are travelling to any major city around the globe (and you are keen on literature), do buy one and learn about the folk who are/were connected with that particular place.  This author's thought-provoking articles and short stories have appeared in a wide variety of publications in the UK and America.  She is also the author of four illustrated books for children. Take a look at her website and you will understand how talented she is. by Oxygen Books Malcolm Burgess and Heather Reyes (pictured)

Some of the best writing and best books on Berlin, Paris, New York, London, Istanbul, Amsterdam, St Petersburg, Venice and Dublin in our very original city-pick travel guide series... perfect gems of city writing ideal for city travel breaks or armchair reading. PLUS some new surprising reading adventures from Oxygen Books with An Everywhere: A Little Book About Reading ('a brilliant travel guide to the city of books', Helen Dunmore) and Miranda Road ('Hugely readable and quietly profound', Beatrice Colin).

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