Thursday, April 17, 2014


Tree Sculpture

Wizard 6
Lake Meadows in Billericay, Essex, England, is busier than usual. After asking members and the public what they would like the tree trunk sculpted into, we were pleased to have received over sixty suggestions. These ranged from animals, including crocodiles, to people and totem poles but the overall winner was a wizard and a dragon, with over 35% of the votes.

The FoLM committee invited three sculptors to present their ideas and as a result a sculptor who has undertaken other figures in Essex parks, has been appointed. Now all we need is funding to achieve the project but we hope this will soon be achieved and that work will be starting around Easter to carve out these figures.

The aim behind the project is to encourage children to use their imagination and to make up stories. There will be a story session and sculpture workshops in the Spring. More to come - WATCH THIS SPACE (and Friends of Lake Meadows' website)

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