Saturday, March 01, 2014


Natasha Radford at Brentwood Writers' Society on Saturday
Pic by Julie Gowers
Hardly seems any time at all since I began blogging in 2006. Now the blogging world has rapidly expanded and I'm pleased that my earliest readers are still with me. Obviously, many share my passion for reading (join me on Book Club @ Phoenix 98fm with Presenter Michelle Ward)  and writing - that continues non-stop.  Have some interesting commissions coming up, both in book form and features - watch this space!

Natasha all dressed up in her Chicken and Frog bookshop

Today, the Brentwood Writers' Circle enthusiasts gathered at their regular venue at the Ursuline in the town and the afternoon was great with speaker Natasha Radford who runs the successful Chicken & Frog Bookshop at Wilson's Corner, Brentwood. For a group of writers, it was enlightening (and encouraging) to learn about the life and times of the town's one and only independent bookseller of children's books.  She is a rare and precious individual these days! 

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