Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Southend is a well known resort in Essex with its famously longest pier in the world - I walked the mile and a quarter  recently and felt the more fitter (but also in need of coffee)!  However, the town is also notable for its industry and I feel that the firm EKCO deserves a large mention due to it being the first company in the world to invent the car radio, the world's first portable TV and other gadgets that we now take for granted.  Less known, is its secret Nazi monitoring in the war -  simple radios adapted to pick up ENIGMA signals before we even had an Enigma machine. Then came convection heaters, fluorescent lighting and other inventions such as vital medical equipment, even plastic baby baths.  We learn of the life of a true genius, one Eric Cole, who touched people's lives in so many ways during his 40 years in business. A truly wonderful entrepreneur.

Chris Poole and Peter C Brown wrote the book EKCO SOUNDS and fascinating it is, too. This book offers a unique and fascinating insight into EKCO and its founder from the actual people who worked there.  We learn of their day to day work, experimentations and social life.  Obviously the firm's previous workers will be enthralled but I'm sure any reader interested in industry will be as fascinated as I am. 

ISBN 978-0-9570635-3-2

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