Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm on a learning curve regarding European wars. Well, I have to research quite a lot and where better than at the Cater Museum at 74 High Street, Billericay.  There you will find a cornucopia of amazing of artefacts on all periods. 

Now, of course, I'm well into studying the Great War, as are many other writers.  1914 is the year in question and if you visit our Museum over the next few months, you will find much to interest you.  The famous L32 zeppelin was shot down over Billericay on 23 September 1916 and many books have been written about this event.
The L32 zeppelin which was shot down over Billericay

Our super Curator, Chris Brewster knows a lot about cookery in past times and if you check out our museum kitchen, you will be able to pick up some rather special recipes she has collected for you to try to get a taste of food from the past.  I'm about to make her Balmoral Tart!    Ring Cater Museum on 01277 622023 and check out our website at

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