Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I'm reading non stop at present and enjoying a rest from writing my own books.

This title by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi deserves to be a bestseller. They have woven together the real life stories of four  English women who married American soldiers stationed in Britain during World War II. 

When the young American soldiers arrived here in 1942, they brought romance and excitement to the lives of numerous young British women who'd grown up in this Blitz-ravaged island.

The book studies the true  lives of Margaret Denby, a typist in the US Army HQ who was let down by her first beau, but dated another officer whom she married.  Then we read of Gwendolyn Patrino whose home of Southampton was taken over by the US as they prepared for D-Day.  Another tale covers Rae Zurovcik who joined the ATS having been bombed out of her nome in North London and then Sylvia O'Connor, a young beauty inundated with marriage proposals when in worked at the American Red Cross in London's Piccadilly Circus.  Each girl's experiences were, of course, different, but a similar thread of love and often disappointment runs through each girl's lives then and for much of their lives.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it to reading groups and the Book Club programme on Phoenix 98fm. Presenter Michelle Ward.   To purchase paperback £7.99 eBook £3.49    ISBN 978-0-00-750144-1

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