Sunday, November 17, 2013


To counteract many hours of writing today for various outlets and my new book, I've taken time off to sterilise my new white bucket and kicked off a new wine made from 1 lb cranberries and 1 lb elderberries.  To this I will add one kilo of ordinary sugar. 
My nice little recipe delivers a pretty rose wine (see picture) in a few months which is light and fruity and (hopefully) will win me a prize.  Have now finished off that 5-gallon brew which is out in that cold, old garage, receiving some maturation time.
Shall be printing off some recipes for those who are interested and have the time and space in which to play the 'winemaking game'. I'm also making up recipes of chutneys and marmalade for a new book that may come about in late 2014 when I have my current book written and displayed on the bookshelves of the big wide world.  

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