Thursday, October 10, 2013


Peter Warlock (Philip Heseltine) in his prime

Brentwood's De Rougemont Hotel was a happy place for the celebrated composer Peter Warlock (Philip Heseltine) during his lifetime.  Of course, in those days (1894-1930) he relaxed during his holidays spent at this lovely building's former name The Goldings and his Heseltine family owned most of Great Warley in Essex. He spent much of his later life in Wales.
On Wednesday 6 November at 1.15pm  there will be  a commemorative concert at the Dora Stautzker Hall at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.  Members of the Peter Warlock Society who will remember the great composer on what would have been his 119th birthday. 
The concert programme consists of songs that Peter Warlock composed in Wales : Captain Stratton’s Fancy; Mr Belloc’s Fancy; The Three Belloc Songs: Ha’nacker Mill, The Night, My own Country; Chopcherry and Sad Song (from Peterisms); Autumn Twilight; Sleep; Balulalow; Late Summer; Piggesnie, and Good Ale.       

More detail: 

The Peter Warlock Society
Contact DetailsJohn Mitchell
Woodstock, Pett Bottom, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 5PB
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We are always pleased to help members gain access to Warlock material.
If you are interested in finding out more, please address enquiries to John Mitchell, using the contact details given above.

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