Thursday, October 17, 2013


Yes, it's that time again in the English kitchen.  I have a 5-gallon fermenter on the go full of elderberry and apple juice, pots of blackberry jam and apple pies galore for the freezer. Starting work on the chutneys and pickles tomorrow if I find time. By the way, a 5-gallon cask produces 30 70cl bottles. Some of the work involved is research for a new booklet I've been asked to produce.

I've recently discovered that the local firm of Wilkinson produce an excellent grape juice concentrate which, if made properly, produces an excellent tipple.  So far, the Cabernet Sauvignon, Soave and Shiraz have been fermented in this water carrier (pictured with a an air lock attached) and this kind of bulk ferments out within about ten days.  However, I do suggest that although it is tempting to try your new wine  immediately fermentation ceases and bottling finishes, do lay down some of the wine to see how it ages. A month or so on, gives a smoother, mature feel to your brew.   Check on the Wilkinson web page forum to see what others have said about the Wilkinson product.

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