Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Speakers Jan Burchett & Sarah Vogler at Brentwood Writers' Circle on 18 May

So much happening in the county's writing world at present, but didn't want to leave out this well known writing duo Jan Burchett and Sarah Vogler who were guest speakers at Brentwood's annual writing day on 18 May.  Both excellent writers who, unusally work together on their imaginative books for children.  Superb illustrations and exciting stories - well over one hundred books - this couple are welcomed in many schools in the south east.

Here's a message from the dynamic duo:

Ahoy shipmates! We are Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler, writers of the Gargoylz, Wild Rescue and our latest series - Sam Silver Undercover Pirate! Why not jump aboard and explore our site. And most of all - have fun! Come and check out Sam Silver's pirate blog at http://samsilverundercoverpirate.blogspot.co.uk

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