Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Have enjoyed watching Alex Polizzi, the British hotelier who presents The Fixer on BBC 2.  Tonight's programme - the last one in the series - revolved around a garden nursery centre, a family firm that was heading for liquidation.  Being a gardening nut, I particularly enjoyed this last programme with cameras sweeping the six acres with some of my favourite plants in view, however, the family's business acumen had much to be desired.  Things turned out ok in the end - as they always do in Alex's projects.

I met Alex a few years ago at a media convention in London and discovered we shared the same birthday (though I'm many years' older!)  She was interested in my time at Puritan Maid in London's Maddox Street, which was owned by her granddad then Sir Charles Forte (later Lord) a kind man man with twinkling eyes who asked me to dance at the annual Forte Ball. At around 5ft, he realised too late as I got to my feet that my height at 17 (and still growing), was over 5.6" so we must have made an odd couple. I'm looking forward to Alex's next series.

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