Saturday, December 08, 2012

Billericay Baptist church presented ANGEL SQUADRON

So much local talent on tap this evening at the Billericay Baptist Church when Peter and Corinne White put on ANGEL SQUADRON, a superb two-act Nativity play.  This modern and unusual script, created by Peter White, was cleverly produced, involving angels - supernatural beings, intermediaries and messengers between God and humankind.  We all loved the World War II setting.

These 'heroes of the skies' involving Cadet Astra, an angel flying ace with a certain flair and cadet Celeste, a fabulous singing star with a wonderful voice. Many other angelic characters were in the cast providing energy; fun; and all cleverly blended into a thoughtful production telling the age-old story built around the New Testament framework. We loved the music, settings, costumes and the superb choir - and those little angels were out of this world. 

Peter White - Creator and Director of ANGEL SQUADRON

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