Wednesday, November 07, 2012


What a muddle there is in the weights and measures used today, particularly in the home and more especially in the kitchen and workroom!

Any book published in Britain before the mid to late '60s will have ingredients, oven temperatures and sizes of cooking equipment listed only in Imperial measures.  In the past, our oven temperatures were usually given in degrees Farenheit or Gas mark and some recipes might only suggest 'cook in a moderate oven.' The introduction of metric measures in the '70s confused older people  and still many cannot convert quickly from Imperial to metric.

Today, we have to cope with weights and measures in every sphere of modern business and home  life and it can be difficult to understand abbreviations and symbols we see on our packaging.  Mistakes can easily be made.

Help is at hand.  The author of numerous books, SHIRLEY BOND has made life simpler for us.  She has just launched her brand new book that answers many questions I've asked,  from the simple conversion of grams and kilograms to ounces and pounds,  exactly what are 'E' numbers, quantity guide for snacks at party buffets, exact equivalent area measures, so that we learn about square metres, hectares, and bushels - and EXACTLY how big is your allotment (in rods - still used, by the way) 1 rod equals 16 feet! There is much, much more in her slim book with its ISBN 978-0-9558911-2-0   Do visit Shirley's website and learn more.

For more information, visit Shirley's web site There's an order form which can be printed and send with a cheque if preferable.  Anyone wishing to buy a copy on line should go to and put ‘How Do You Measure Up’ in the search column and go from there.  Book price is £7.99  + £2.75 postage - a wonderful stocking filler for all.

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