Friday, November 30, 2012


Sylvia and Maureen Duffy
Danuta Kean (far r) and two colleagues at the AGM


             Last night's AGM at Clothworkers' Livery Hall, Dunster Court in the City was so interesting. I go when the AGM is held in London and this venue was fascinating. Clothworkers' Hall sounds boring but the Hall itself is very beautiful and ancient (That livery Company is 500 years' old)

Enjoyed learning a little about the mechanics of the ALCS.  Many of us receive royalties collected by them, so it is interesting to meet some of the Board in person as well as seeing them at work at Writers' House.  I like this building in London's Haydon Street where our SWWJ hold Council meetings.

Among many notable names who joined us were Maureen Duffy (leading expert on Aphra Behn), Danuta Kean and many more.  Other folk who attended last night were obviously involved in publishing, but also radio, TV, theatre, as well as RNA and general newspapers/magazines.  It was a lovely evening. I also snapped (badly)  the Monument and Shard as I raced for the tube.  

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