Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A few of our lovely athletes and the torch

Today's trip to London  was like no other.  London's Mayor, Boris Johnson offered excellent hospitality to many guests including Doreen Friend, the Society of Women Writers & Journalists' publicist and me - during our first visit to City Hall, so close to London Bridge.  

The Mayor of London admiring our magazine with Doreen Friend

The occasion was the Mayor's party to welcome the Torch Relay team with the Paralympic Flame to London before tomorrow's start of the Games. They had brought their torches through so many towns, starting at dawn, but all were smiling and posed for us.  We  enjoyed meeting the athletes, the Mayor's special guests and, of course, Mr Johnson himself who happily signed the current edition of The Woman Writer.  Lunch was great, too.  Here is the famous Davy Lamp  torch lighter, made of brass, enclosing the precious flame. Fascinating item guarded by police officers.  

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