Sunday, July 29, 2012

Need a good website? Read on...

Other than book reviews, I rarely endorse people and their products, but so many colleagues have mentioned that they would like a well written website. When I heard a colleague Harry Pope, an author in Sussex, enthuse about his new presence on the web, provided by Gareth Thomas, he wrote to me about it.

 Do check out Harry comments: “ It was so easy to construct, all I had to do was provide the technical man, Gareth, with my copy, plus photos. He held my hand throughout; we have never met, so it is unimportant to be close to communicate. This has been finished in well under a week, and is amazingly reasonable after all the mystique with which other web site designers manage to shroud their knowledge! Initially I went online to check the availability of the domain name, chose what I wanted, told Gareth who purchased, and the rest all fell neatly into place.”

This is such an inexpensive way to showcase your work, being so easy to refer potential readers to your market.
Gareth Thomas

Gareth's contact details follow. He manages to keep the price so low and you have an excellent choice of templates. If you need something more extravagant with lots of pages, all singing and dancing - he can organise this, too, but why not contact him and discuss your needs. Harry Pope is confident to recommend this young man's webmastering ability and Business Biscotti seems keen, too.

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