Monday, June 18, 2012


Well into my current wave of wine-making, Elderflower, May blossom and Rose Petal, all with a good white wine concentrate as a base.  I've just discovered the  Homebrew centre in Holland-on-Sea, Essex,  run by Lynda Lane whose father started the shop years ago.  Sounds great to me.  Do not throw demi-johns away as they are happy to receive them for the growing numbers of home winemakers who're taking up this fascinating hobby. I used to write a weekly column called Fascinating Fermentations for the Essex Courier - sounds a bit naff now, but twenty years ago, we had a good following.

I will ensure that the shop have the redundant winemaking equipment given to me recently. Lynda's store is also a valuable centre of information to learn about preserving food and veg from your allotments and gardens.  They also stock the essential equipment including kilner jars, plus advice on preserving. Their URL is: Follow Lynda on Twitter!/brewshop
Some of my wine recipes can be seen at


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