Saturday, May 19, 2012


Currently taking part in film director/playwright Jurgen Wolff's special MASSIVE ACTION DAY on line.  Here is the image I have used in my book THE WOMAN WRITER, showing Jurgen surrounded by some of our writers in Brentwood, Essex, England.  We all started at 9am (across the world) and it finishes late tonight. Such an unusual project - but fun!

This cyberspace marathon ended just around midnight.  It was a pleasure to meet up with Jurgen once again, albeit on screen (he popped up on the hour - over the whole 15 hours) and his advice was pertinent and useful to the 17 writers (from around the world) in the cyber room. To add spice to the sessions, Jurgen offered prizes to the participants.  His newest book and projects are listed on his website and for people needing help with their creative writing, I suggest they sign up with him - he is brilliant!

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