Monday, April 16, 2012


Michelle Ward - Presenter and Musician

Really look forward to taking part in Book Club at Radio Phoenix 98fm based at the famous Brentwood Centre. Michelle Ward presents her daily programme EAT MY LUNCH from 11 until 2pm.  She works hard to research the background of her many guests in the studio. Travel was on the menu on Thursday and it was a joy to meet publisher/authors Malcolm Burgess and Heather Reyes, whose popular City-Lit Books have taken the travel world by storm. Recently, they appeared on Radio 4's Excess Baggage and the reviews of their books in the national dailies were excellent.  Here is a little piece I pinched from their credit list.

“We were on the hot slopes of the Acropolis and wanted to read a selection (not too big) of writing about Athens. We didn’t want another guide book. We wanted fresh, exciting writing that illuminated the city. There wasn’t anything. Not in Athens, London or New York. So we – I’m ex-UK HarperCollins – decided to create our own titles in 2009″.

The result is Oxygen Books’ innovative city-pick series featuring some of the best-ever writing on favourite world cities. It’s alreadybeen called ‘superb .. like having your own iPad loaded with different tomes’ (London Times), ‘wonderful’ (London Guardian) ‘sublime’ (The Sydney Morning Herald) and praised for its ‘super-relevant destinations’ (Lonely Planet Magazine)

Each paperback book includes over fifty writers, fiction and non-fiction, past and especially present, including newly translated writing. So far we’ve published titles on New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Venice, Amsterdam and Dublin – St Petersburg, Istanbul and Jerusalem/ Tel Aviv follow soon.  More details are on     Next month on Book Club, we will be looking at the theme of Horror and Ghosts.

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