Monday, March 26, 2012


Having just welcomed the 75,175th  visitor on this weblog, I am also reflecting on other reasons to celebrate my current cyber awards.  I still write for print journals and take part in radio programmes and am approaching a pretty busy time in the media.

My ebook published recently by JMD Media in Derby BRENTWOOD - HISTORIC TOWN (check it out on Amazon) is bringing in some super messages from former Brentwoodians and expats from around the world.  I appreciate the help of some very kind people who allowed me to use their photographs for the book (my 8th, incidentally) also some very kind reviews.   Take a look at this old view of Shenfield Common pond (on the left) before the white railings were donated by Miss Landon.  The second image was  snapped in 1883 from the top of St Thomas' Church in Brentwood. It depicts a High Street that not even the oldest among us can remember - when there were still beautiful red-brick houses standing interspersed with funny little shopfronts. Sadly though, only the elite lived well - working class folk lived in the tiny, overcrowded cottages that lined the alleys adjoining the High Street - all such a very  different world from that of today.

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