Monday, February 06, 2012


Many of my fellow writers are currently working on the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations and it is lovely to be able to add my own perspective.  Have managed to snap our Queen and Prince Philip several times and as far as our Society of Women Writers & Journalists' organisation is concerned, those members before me (it started way back in 1894) have enjoyed meeting members of the royal family at some of our gatherings.   This pic of Her Majesty in Westminster alongside our then president Joyce Grenfell was taken in 1969.

 I am happy to add Arthur Edwards' pic of our Queen (with his permission) showing his own little grandchildren and I love these gorgeous newly minted stamps (above) which show the essence of this great lady. 

This special collection marks the first time that official portraits of the Queen as she appears on stamps, coins and banknotes have been brought together. I love them.  Hope you like them too.

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