Wednesday, November 30, 2011


How does Nick Ardley manage it?  This prodigious writer has just published his new book which has a  rather long title:  THE JOTTINGS OF A THAMES ESTUARY DITCH-CRAWLER (Amberley Publishing).  This is a remarkable book about sailing, living on a Thames spritsail barge and the whole fascinating business of boat owning.

Nick is great at telling a salty tale and this time he takes us on another series of journeys in his yacht Whimbrel, through the meandering waterways and creeks that feed into the Thames and its estuary.  

This author has been a familiar, friendly  face at earlier Essex Book Festivals, particularly during the official openings at Chelmsford Library  and his talks are always popular.  He writes articles for Yachting Monthly and Anglia Afloat and his work has been published in Essex Life and Suffolk Magazines (two journals who also use my own work) - Lovely!   Nick's book is priced at £17.99, its ISBN is 978-1-4456-0100-7 by Amberley Publishing.

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